Who likes to run and golf at the same time? Speed-golf players and novelty-seekers do! This event has participants playing golf, while running from shot to shot.  Participant scores are determined by adding the total number of strokes taken with the total time elapsed to complete 9 holes.  All skill levels are welcome to participate at this event! This event has many beginning and experienced level participants. 


Laurelwood Golf Course - 2700 Columbia Street - Eugene, Oregon 97405


8:00 am - First Wave Begins - Participants will be staggered every three minutes (based on projected time and strokes). The more experienced golfers will tee-off first.


The total running distance for 9 holes is 5K, which comprises one 9-hole round of the Laurelwood Golf Course. The total running distance for 18 holes is 10K, which comprises two 9-hole rounds of the Laurelwood Golf Course.

The course is rolling and challenging - a cross country style adventure.  Click here to view a COURSE MAP.


Participate as an individual or as a member of a two-person team.  Participants may compete in one of 4 categories: 1) Single Player 9 Holes, 2) Single Player 18 Holes, 3) Two-Player Team 9 Holes, or 4) Two-Player Team 18 Holes. 

Two-person teams will alternate shots throughout the entirety of the round - i.e. team-member 1 hits, then team-member 2, then 1, then 2, etc. regardless of whether you're teeing off or not (whoever sinks the final putt is not the person who hits the tee shot on the next hole). 


$30 (5K & 9 holes) - Per Player  |  $35 (10K & 18 holes) - Per Player  |  Add $5 per player on event day

(Includes: timing, green fees, refreshments, awards, and random-prize drawings.)

Click the link below to register online. Click here for a PRINTABLE ENTRY FORM.

Event shirts are available for $12 in women's and men's sizes through August 2, 2019.

On race day at Laurelwood Golf Course from 6:30 am to 7:45 am.


A Production of Eclectic Edge Racing


Laurelwood Golf Course


Excellence in timing, announcing & race management since 1988.



Awards will be presented to the top overall male and female finishers and the top three 2-person teams.  


(Please print before arriving at the event):

1) Each participant may carry up to three golf clubs and up to five golf balls (fanny packs are recommended).  A few extra clubs will be available at the start, to borrow, based on a first-come, first-served basis.
2) Participants will start in three minute intervals, based on their projected 5K/10K time and 9/18 hole stroke total.
3) A participants' time will start when they leave the starting line (which is 50 yards before the first tee box), not when they hit their first shot.
4) If a participant is about to hit "into" another participant, they must yell "fore" before striking their ball, but may not strike the ball until the participant in front has waved them on to hit.
5) Participants may play through and participants that are "caught" must allow a faster participant to play through, yielding the next tee if necessary.
6) Penalty shot rule - if a shot is out-of-bounds or in the water, then there is a one-stroke penalty and the next shot will be struck from the point of the penalty infraction (either where the out-of-bounds ball left the field of play or on the grass adjacent to where the ball entered the water).
7) Participants must replace divets and repair ball marks before proceeding.
8) The golf course is a 9-hole course, which will be played once to complete a 5K distance and a 9-hole total.  If playing 10K and 18 holes, upon coming off of hole number 9, participants must come back through the starting area - if there are no other participants waiting to start on either of their two laps, then a participant may continue play after checking in. If participants are waiting to play, then a participant that is coming off of the first 9-hole lap, will have their time suspended and will be given a signal as to when they may continue.

9) Participants must follow all direction signs on the course or be disqualified.  Bright yellow signs will indicate where the next tee box is located.
10) All participants will be responsible for keeping their own score - this event is based on the "honor" system.  Score cards, kept throughout the event (updated after each hole) must be turned into the scoring tent no later than 10 minutes after the completion of their round (and crossing the finish line). 
11) All participants must follow all directions from course marshals located on each hole.
12) There will be a warm-up period to preview the course from 6 am to 6:55 am. After this time, participants are not allowed out onto the course any further than the #1 tee box for inspection.
13) Any participant that hits a hole-in-one will receive a 5-minute time deduction from their total score.
14) If a participants' ball lands on a "human-made" hazard, then that participant is entitled to drop their ball one club-length from the edge of the hazard.
15) A participants' total score will be based on a combination of the total elapsed time to run the distance and the total stroke count to play the holes.  For example: If Pat Hacker has a total running time of 58 minutes and 32 seconds and a total stroke count of 90, then the total event score for Pat would be 148:32.
15) Have a lot of fun!