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​* In one or two hour divisions, run as many 2K laps as you want


  • A cross-country style trail run on a looped course featuring spectacular scenery, rolling terrain, soft surfaces, smiling people and wildlife, through the woods and meadows along Wildcat Creek.
  • The course is a 2K trail loop. There will be 4 different starting lines.  Runners will be assigned to a particular starting line, when they arrive at the event. A horn will signal the start for all starting lines.  Runners will be pursuing runners from different starting lines. There is a 1 Hour and a 2 Hour time division, and runners can run as many laps as they want, and then stop at the line where they started.  Results and awards will be based on laps ran (i.e. all runners who completed 3 laps will be in the 3-Lap results, regardless of which starting line they began at, runners completing 4 laps will be in the results with other 4-lap runners, and so on, up to about 9 laps which is the maximum number of laps that could be completed by a fast runner in your hour division). After you finish your laps (however many you choose to run), you'll drop your timing tag in a bin and then enjoy refreshments and watch other runners as they keep going. The horn will sound at the 1 hour and 2 hour marks - runners will be credited for the last lap they completed.
  • This event will be held regardless of weather conditions, although the exact course configuration could change due to water. 
  • ​There will be a bonfire to stay warm by, or to roast your marshmallows.
  • Portable toilets will be onsite.
  • Please park in designated areas only.
  • There will be snacks and hot and cold beverages (cider, beer and non-beer) after you finish. 
  • Although we love dogs, dogs are not allowed at this event.


Wildcat Meadows (18471 Pataha Creek Rd, Walton, OR 97490).  This community facility is a private property venue with residences adjacent to the trail.


Take Hiway 126 to Mile Post #30, which is two miles west of the town of Walton. Exactly at the Mile Post #30 sign is Pataha Creek Road - if you're coming from the Eugene area, turn left onto it, if you're coming from the Florence area, turn right onto it. The turn onto Pataha Creek Road is on a curve, with fast traffic coming from both directions - please watch carefully when turning (both coming to and going from the event). At the turn, there is a sign that says, "Fernleigh" - click here for a SCREENSHOT OF THE TURN. Once on Pataha Creek Road, drive slowly over the railroad tracks, then slowly over the bridge.  About 100 yards after the bridge, there will be a sign to park on the left - you're now at Wildcat Meadows.


11:00 am - All starting lines begin

​* Runners stop after however many laps they want *

12:00 pm - Final horn blows for the 1 Hour division - runners may finish the lap that they're on, then stop.

1:00 pm - Final horn blows for the 2 Hour division - runners may finish the lap that they're on, then stop.


The loop course is exactly 2K. Run or walk as many laps as you want in a one OR two hour period.


Click here for a PRINTABLE COURSE MAP.  The path surfaces vary, consisting of: grass, bark chips, hard packed dirt, and contain occasional roots and unevenness. Expect water on short sections of the trail.  The course will be very clearly marked with staked signs at the turns.  

Some of the trails featured will include: Upper Meadows, Lower Meadows, Marsh Meadows, Timberline, William's Way, Blackberry Alley, and Woods Arch Way, starting and finishing at the Mid Meadows Junction.


The top three in each age group will receive a medallion, per number of laps competition, per either the 1 Hour OR 2 Hour divisions.


  • $30 - Event entry
  • A few shirts might be available for purchase at the event
  • This event has a limit of 50 registrants

Click on the link below to register. 


Race Day


This event will be chip timed, with every lap captured. Please wear your bib on the front.

Since there will be several start/finish lines, you'll pass through other timing points besides the one that you start and finish at - just run on through.

Click the link below for online registration.